At ACK Thika Memorial Church School we believe that personal virtue, responsibility and a wholesome sense of identity underpin success in all endeavors, material and spiritual.

ACK Thika Memorial Church School gives a lot emphasis on Spiritual Nourishment. As per the schools vision and mission, the school does not only focus on academics and co curricular but also the spiritual growth of it pupils and staff at large.

To achieve this school has embarked on the following;

  •  Daily Morning Devotion conducted by the pupils and supervised by their class teachers
  •  Weekly (Fridays) Assembly (P.P.I) where the ACK Thika Memorial Church provides Spiritual Nourishment
  •  Bible Studies conducted during lunch hour at the ACK Thika Memorial Church (Bible Studies 2016 Schedule)
  •  Guidance & Counseling Department
  •  Catechism classes are offered
  •  Fulltime Youth Minister who’s a trained clergy


Character Formation Programs

This is one of the school's key pillars. The Activites include:

o    Devotions for pupils and teachers.

o    Well guided counseling programs.

o    Motivational talks.

o    Regular training on prayer and songs.

o    Fervent coaching on the art and values of good living.

o    Objective meetings and assemblies.

o    Well empowered discipline department.