In A.C.K Thika Memorial Church School the office of the Deputy Head teacher is like the Cog in the wheel where all activities rotates around. The Main activity of this office is to oversee the day to day running of others departments within the school setup.

The Deputy Head teacher’s office reports directly to the Head teacher’s office and works closely with all the teaching and non-teaching staff. In addition, the office is also in charge of overall discipline.

The students/pupil’s are our core business and their welfare is at the centre of our hearts. We believe that we should always give our customers the best and only the best. We not only desire to produce good results year after year,

but are also in the business of producing a holistic child as per our vision and mission.

The Deputy H/T office does a lot of guiding and maintains the overall positive image of the school with the view in mind that we have other competitors whom we carry with a lot respect and dignity.

Our Parents are our source of strength, their encouragement and support keeps us going. The office thanks you all and urges you to continue with the same spirit.

Help us achieve our dreams and lead our children to dream big.

God Bless you abundantly.

Edward Wangombe

Cell: 0794584778











Mr. Edward Wang’ombe

Deputy Head teacher