CO-OPERATIVE BANK: 01100428199100

FAMILY BANK : 005000030220

BARCLAYS BANK : 031 1189921




CO-OPERATIVE BANK: 01134429072700

FAMILY BANK : 005000017054

BARCLAYS BANK : 031-1131680

How M-banking collection works

 M-pesa payment

The process below will be followed to make an M-pesa payment to THIKA MEMORIAL CHURCH SCHOOL bank account.

  1. Go to your M-Pesa menu


  1. Select pay bill option press ok.


  1. When asked for the business number, input 400222 (co-op bank collection account business number) press OK.


  1. When asked for the account number; input THIKA MEMORIAL CHURCH SCHOOL CODE separated by a harsh sign then input the student enrollment/registration number (without spaces) 1561# student number, press OK.


  1. When asked for the amount, input the amount plus 35. E.g. if the amount Kshs. 20,000; input 20,035THIKA MEMORIAL CHURCH SCHOOL account will be credited with Kshs 20,000 as Ksh. 35 is the transfer fee.  If you send Kshs. 20,000 without the transfer fee of Kshs. 35; the account will be credited with Kshs. 19,965.


  1. When asked for the M-pesa pin, provide your M-pesa pin, press OK.


  1. When asked to confirm the particulars of the payment, confirm if okay and send


Your will receive the payment confirmation from M-pesa providing the details input plus a unique transaction ID.


You will additionally receive a confirmation SMS from co-op bank with the payment details including account name and the pupil’s name.


NB: Send this message to the school accountant for receipting.